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I relate to this so strongly I got a little teary-eyed. 

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i could hear the dolphin noises in my head

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Misha Collins and Rob Benedict, Saturday Cabaret, Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2014
Photography by me


Misha Collins and Rob Benedict, Saturday Cabaret, Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2014

Photography by me

Your blog is literally the best thing I have found on Tumblr so far! Every time I see the Mini Cas series it just lights up my day! Thank you for being a wonderful person


Chuck: *yawns*  Oh my Me, what a night.  I wonder where I’ve crashed now?

*flap flap flappity flap*

Chuck: Oh, hey, little guy.

Minion:  *gasp*  Daddy?

Chuck: Uh, well….

Minion: Daddy?

Minion: Daddy?

Minon: Daddy?

Chuck: Well, hey, nice to see you too.  Anybody know where I can get some strong coffee-

Minion: Daddy!

Minions: Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!!

Chuck: Uhhhh….

Minions: Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy!!!

Chief Minion: Daddy?

Minon: Daddy!

Minons: Daddy!  Daddy!!  Daddy!

Gabriel: This is GABE, reportin’ to you LIVE from tiki’s dinin’ room table.  Looks like CHUCK is AMUCK!  Did you see Him, Cas?

Cas: Yes, I did, Gabriel.

Gabriel: How did the old man look?

Cas: Violently hung over.

Gabriel: Yep, that’s definitely him!

French Maid Minion: *dust dust dust*

Gabriel: Yeah, dude, and ashes to ashes.  BTW, you missed a spot!

where did you get those winged Cas Pop! Figurines? like did you make them yourself or buy them somewhere?



Gabriel: So, Almighty Chuck, can you tell them about the Cas’s?  They’re your servants, right?

Chuck: Wait, am I supposed to answer questions now?  I need more COFFEE.


Gabriel: The ANGELS are your CHILDREN, right?

Chuck: Well, yes.  And maybe we could correct a few MISUNDERSTANDINGS, since we’re chatting.  I might be ALMIGHTY CHUCK, but I’m actually a pretty MELLOW GUY…


Minions: Hey, guys!  It’s DEMON DEAN!

Minions: OoooOOOooOO, Demon Dean!

Gabriel: So, Chuck-

Chuck: Actually, Gabe, will you excuse me for a mo’?


Chuck: So you’re DEMON DEAN, huh?

Dean: Yup, that’s me!  Got FIRST BLADE, will be a SEXY DEVIL, hee.


Chuck: So, if you’re goin’ out with my ANGELS, you’re gonna have them home by TEN PM, young man?

Dean: Wellll, I dunno.  Me ‘n the angels, sometimes, we get to SINGIN’ KARAOKE…

Chuck: Ahem…



Chuck: Thou shalt have them HOME BY TEN.

Dean: Ulp.  Uh, yessir!


Chuck: All right, have fun!

Dean: Uh, yeah.  Yessir.  Yessir, Chuck sir.


Gabriel: Wow.

Chuck: So, as I was explainin’, I’m a pretty MELLOW GUY.


Cas: Hello, Father.  May I borrow the CELESTIAL CHARIOT tonight?

Chuck: You gonna put some GAS in it this time?

Cas: Welllll….

Gabriel: [whispering]  Pssst!  Hey, baby bro, best do what Daddy says.  He’s a little smitey today.

Decorated Magenta Christmas Tree